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Bernhard Karl
Bernhard KarlConception, Festival and Program Direction
Studied art history, was assistant at the HFF München (The Munich Film Academy) and director’s assistant at the theatre Münchner Kammerspiele, especially to Dieter Dorn and Peter Zadek, then freelance theatre director; 2001 till 2007 Casting Director at Anja Dihrberg Casting for such artists as for Sönke Wortmann, Soren Kragh-Jacobsen, Wes Andersen, Jaco van Dormael, and Hal Hartley (“Fay Grim”). Since 2008 “International Programmer” at the Munich Filmfestival. Since 2012 head of at the Schaubühne Berlin.
Susanne Bieger
Susanne BiegerFestival- and Guest Management
Holds a Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology from University of Arizona, Tucson, studied screenwriting as well as film & television production at UCLA and gained extensive experience working in feature film development for production and management companies in Los Angeles. Has worked as a freelance story consultant, translator and writer since 2007.
Karl-Wilhelm Kayser
Karl-Wilhelm KayserManagement and Cooperation
MBA, independent entrepreneur since 1980, including as a management consultant and real estate developer, avid art lover and collector, film expert, takes part in and sponsors film productions and festivals, several trips around the world, originally from NRW, has been living in Berlin since 2009.
Nikola Mirza
Nikola MirzaPR-Management and Press
Since 1985 concerned with press and public relations, assistant at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, head of MEDIA Desk Germany (European Commission) and at the independent film production company zero film. In 2004 he founded the public relations agency Jelly Press, working among others for the Labyrinth Kindermuseum Berlin, Verband der Agenturen (VdA), Amnesty International, Bundesverband Casting (BVC), Berlin International Film Festival or documentary projects like “Berlin – Ecke Bundesplatz”, “Cinema: A Public Affair” or “Homo Sapiens”.
Felix Neunzerling
Felix NeunzerlingMarketing und Medienpartnerschaften
Seit 20 Jahren in der Medienindustrie tätig. Arbeitete im Programmkinobereich, war Redakteur beim Kino Verlag Hamburg, Leiter für Presse- und Öffentlichkeit der Bavaria Film und Marketingleiter der Senator Film. 1996 gründete er die Marketing-Agentur ZOOM MEDIENFABRIK Berlin. Als Gastdozent an der HFF München, an der Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Universität Hannover und dem Erich-Pommer-Institut Potsdam. Veröffentlichungen: „Presse und PR für Filmproduktionen“, erschienen im Stamm Verlag, Essen 1998.
Daniela Kellner
Daniela KellnerFilm Traffic and Sponsoring
Apprenticed as photographer, studied Media with main focus on film economy and history, experience in film production as unit manager for international TV and movie productions. In 2002 she was involved with the foundation and general management of “NaturVision”, the first nature and wildlife filmfestival in Germany. In 1998 she worked for the „Berlin & Beyond“ Film Festival in San Francisco. Since 2004 she has been solely responsible for their film traffic.
Ramin Ramezani
Ramin RamezaniArt Director
Born in Teheran. Since 1985 has lived in Germany. He studied visual design and worked as a communications designer specializing in Corporate Identity and On Air Design. Since 2001 he has been an electronic music DJ and producer, and a freelance art director and sound designer. Together with Constanze Witt he founded “80gramm“, they developed a series of short animated films for ARTE.
Andreas Karmanski
Andreas KarmanskiLeitung Kinobetreuung
Jan Smacka
Jan SmackaWebmaster
Leila Frieling
Leila FrielingAssistenz Festival- und Gästemanagement
Sarah Baron
Sarah BaronAssistenz Festival- und Gästemanagement
Lotte Barthelmes
Lotte BarthelmesFreie Mitarbeiterin
Susanne Teichmann
Susanne TeichmannFreie Mitarbeiterin
Helene Feldmeier
Helene FeldmeierFreie Mitarbeiterin
Virginia Martin
Virginia MartinFreie Mitarbeiterin
Ewa Olędzka
Ewa OlędzkaFreie Mitarbeiterin
Anna-Sophie Philippi
Anna-Sophie PhilippiFreie Mitarbeiterin
Sandrine Vergneau
Sandrine VergneauFreie Mitarbeiterin