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“(…) The Rider is a stunningly-shot film, its crisp imagery and livid sound design in natural harmony with piece and its South Dakota settings. On a purely narrative level, Zhao’s story may strain as it edges down familiar routes, but its emotional connections pulsate throughout, making this a natural for festival and arthouse play to Zhao’s growing fanbase. Her approach to fictionalised biography should also be embraced, as it continues to break new ground. The Rider starts on a seductive note, with burnished close-up imagery of a stallion courtesy of DoP Joshua James Richards, one of the true stars of this show. A young man – possibly still a teenager – awakens to reveal a giant gash in his head, sustained at a rodeo. Zhao found Brady Jandreau and his friends and family while on the reservation shooting Songs, and this film mirrors Brady’s own life story: these white-skinned Lakota Sioux are also cowboys and men of the land. (…)” (Fionnuala Halligan, Screen International)

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