“’Exhibition‘ is a film with three main characters: H, a successful artist and architect, who is played by the artist Liam Gillick; D, his wife (former “Slits” guitarist Viv Albertine), a more tentative performance artist struggling to find a creative space within their relationship; and the modernist house in which they’ve lived for 20 years, but now they’ve deceited to sell it. Throughout the film, you’re made to feel like a voyeur while the couple go about their routines, never quite sure what you are observing. Is D having a breakdown or a breakthrough? Is their marriage crumbling or evolving? And are they still living in a dream house – or has it become a nightmare step by step?” (Fugu Filmverleih) Theatrical release Germany: 11th December 2014

Saturday, 06.12.2014 – 7:45 pm – „Senator British Night“ (presented by Pia Marais) – in the presence of directress Joanna Hogg

With the support of Senator Film



Senator British Night & German Premiere 



OT: Exhibition, 2013
Country: Great Britain
Production: Joanna Hogg, Gayle Griffiths Wild Horses Filmcompany for BBC Films and BFI
Cast: Viv Albertine, Liam Gillick, Tom Hiddleston, Harry Kershaw, Mary Roscoe
Format: DCP / Colour
Lengh: 104 min.
Language: English
World Sales: Visit Films,
Distribution Germany: fugu filmverleih,
Festivals: Locarno, New York, AFI Fest, Moskau, New Zealand, Rendezvous Istanbul etc.