He’s b-a-a-a-a-a-ck!!!!! Everybody’s favorite Slovenian intellectual film-buff philosopher curmudgeon comedian and oh yes entertainer is back, expounding as he loves do to and does so well. Six years ago he teamed up with director Sophie Fiennes to explain cinema to us; now he uses cinema itself to explain ideology to us, in all its facets and implications; and it is anything but dry or dull or dense. He is witty, inventive, at times hilarious. With his background in psychoanalytic thinking he makes usually abstract, confusing ideas clear, concrete and downright fun. And yes, at times funny. Using film examples as disparate as „Titanic“ and „Clockwork Orange“, „Taxi Driver“ and „The Birds“, he brings us „a compelling cinematic journey into the heart of ideology – the dreams that shape our collective beliefs and practices.”

Around 2013, presented by Simon McDonald



Berlin Premiere



OT: The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology, 2012
Produktionsland: Irland, Großbritannien
Produktion: Blinder Films Ltd. Dublin, P Guide Ltd. London
Cast: Slavoj Žižek
Format: DCP / Farbe
Länge: 144 min.
Sprache: English OV
World Sales: Doc&Film International Paris,
Dt. Verleih: offen
Festivals: Toronto, Stockholm, Turin, Oslo, Rotterdam, Istanbul, Portland, San Francisco, Taipei, Sydney, Karlovy Vary u.v.a.