Shaleha is a middle-aged Filipino midwife. Successful and gifted, there is a sad irony in her life: she herself cannot have a child. Married for many years to her loving husband Bangas An, their life seems perfect; but in this Muslim community the lack of a child is viewed as a lack of divine grace,  without which their marriage cannot be complete.  Shahela sets off to find her husband a second wife, one who can bear him a child, but finding one, she faces a terrible decision. Featuring some ravishing cinemaphotography, and anchored by wonderful minimalist acting, in particular by Philippine screen icon Nora Aunor as Shaleha, this at times emotionally harrowing film is easily Brillante Mendoza’s most poignant and intimate film.

Around 2013, presented by Nicolas Wackerbarth



Berlin Premiere 



OT: Sinapupunan, 2012
Produktionsland: Philippinen
Produktion: Center Stage Productions Mandaluyoung City Philippinnes, Film Development Commission of the Philippines
Cast: Nora Aunor, Bembol Roco, Lovi Poe, Mercedes Cabral, Glenda Kennedy
Format: DCP / Farbe
Länge: 105 min.
Sprache: Filipino / with English subtitles
World Sales: Center Stage Productions,
Dt. Verleih: offen
Festivals: Venedig, Toronto, Mumbai, Busan, Taipei, Brisbane, Deauville, Manila, München u.v.a.
Preise: Venedig, Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Asian Film Award “Best Actress”, 7 Metro Manila Film Festival Preise u.v.a.