A young man torn between loyalty and justice confronts the truth of his father figure that may destroy them both. With his father in prison and his brother abroad for work, young Rakib works as the lone housekeeper in an empty mansion belonging to Purna, a retired general whose family Rakib’s clan have served for centuries in a rural Indonesian town.

Around the World in 14 Films 2022

In cooperation with the World Cinema Fund (WCF) of the Berlinale


+++ Berlin Premiere +++

OT: Autobiografi
Director: Makbul Mubarak
Screenplay: Makbul Mubarak
Country: Indonesia, Poland, Germany, Singapore, France, Philippines, Qatar 2022
Production: Kaninga Pictures, Kawan Kawan, In Vivo Films, Niko Film Nicole Gerhards, WCF
Cast: Kevin Ardilova, Arswendy Bening Swara, Yusuf Mahardika, Lukman Sardi, Yudi Ahmad Tajudin, Rukman Rosadi, Haru Sandra
Length: 115 min.
Language: Indonesian OV / English subtitles
Distribution Germany: /
Festivals: Venice, Toronto, Busan, Rio, London, Adelaide, Tokyo, Taipei, Stockholm etc.
Awards: Venice FIPRESCI Prize, Tokyo Filmex Grand Prix, Asia Pacific Awards Best Screenplay, Taipei Netpac Award, Stockholm Best Debut Film