“Sara Stein (Katharina Lorenz) is a Berlin chief inspector with Jewish roots who moves to Israel after marrying David Shapiro (Itay Tiran), a classical musician from Tel Aviv. Even before she officially joins the local police department she’s handed a sensitive case: the homicide of a colleague, because she’s the only one who isn’t biased. Inspector Jakoov Blok (Samuel Finzi) doesn’t like working for “the German watchdog”. It’s not going to be easy for Sara … who grew up secular and finds herself confronted with a piety she isn’t used to. In the process she learns just how observant deeply religious people are. Surrounded by Arabs, Druse, orthodox and secular Jews, Chief Inspector Sara Stein, a young woman who went to Israel for love, has to restart her/make a life …” (TV 60). World premiere – celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel.

Monday, 30.11.2015 – 7.30 pm, Screen 6 (presented by Yakov Hadas-Handelsman) – in the presence of director Matthias Tiefenbacher  and leading actress Katharina Lorenz

With support of TV60 and ARD/Degeto


With support of the Israeli Embassy




+++ World Premiere TV-Production +++



OT: Der Tel-Aviv-Krimi: Shiv’a, 2015
Country: Germany
Production: A TV60Filmproduction for ARD Degeto for Das Erste
Cast: Katharina Lorenz, Samuel Finzi, Itay Tiran, Gill Frank, Bat-Elle Mashian, Noa Koler, Ami Weinberg
Format: DCP / Coulour
Länge: 89 min.
Sprache: German OV
Broadcast date: 3rd March 2016, 20.15 Uhr, ARD