A spiritual journey into the highlands of Harar and the history of khat, a leaf Sufi Muslims chewed for centuries for religious meditations and that has become Ethiopia’s most lucrative cash crop today. The film is a tapestry of intimate stories offering a window into the dreams of youth living under a repressive regime.

Saturday, 04.12.2021 – 10.00 pm, Kino in der KulturBrauerei, theater 5 – presented by Therese Koppe

Thursday, 09.12.2021 – 9.30 pm, delphi LUX, theater 4



+++ Berlin Premiere +++

OT: Faya Dayi
Director: Jessica Beshir
Screenplay: Jessica Beshir
Country: Ethiopia, USA, Qatar 2021
Production: Merkhana Films, XTR, Neon Heart Productions, Flies Collective
Cast: /
Length: 118 min.
Language: oromiffa and harari OV / English subtitles
German rights: MUBI
Festivals: Sundance, Seattle, Rotterdam, Melbourne, Vancouver, Gent, London, Viennale
Awards: Athens, Hot Docs Canada, Nyon Visions du Réel