In the backlands of Minas Gerais, where time seems to pass at the river’s pace, two elderly women keep the whirlwind of life in full swirl. Bastú has just lost her husband and seeks comfort in daily life. Helping her through it is Maria, whose drum pounds with all the joy and power of her people, beating out the sounds of other places and resounding with a presence that can never die. In this world, where tradition is ambushed by novelty and reality by invention, small shifts steep the flow of life in fantasy.

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OT: Girimunho
Director: Helvécio Marins Jr. und Clarissa Campolina
Screenplay: Felipe Bragança
Country: Brazil, Germany, Spain 2011
Production: Teia, Dezenove Som e Imagens, Eddie Saeta, Autentika Films Paolo Carvalho
Cast: Maria Sebastiana Martins Álvaro, Maria da Conceição Gomes de Moura, Luciene Soares da Silva
Length: 87 min.
Language: Portuguese OV / English subtitles
German Distribtion: /
Festivals: Venice, Toronto, San Sebastián, Viennale, Dubai, Rotterdam, Toulouse, Istanbul, Munich etc.
Awards: Nantes, Havana, Mar del Plata, SEC Brazil, Minneapolis