Early 20th-century Philippines. The sounds of war signal the arrival of the Americans. An aging mother and her son flee to the mountains, hoping for a quiet life. One day, the son discovers a wounded woman in the middle of the forest, and decides to bring her home. Years pass. The man, the rescued woman and their child live in total isolation from the growing chaos all over the country. But a coming storm soon threatens their existence, and American troops draw nearer… (World Cinema Fund)

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In cooperation with the World Cinema Fund (WCF) of the Berlinale



OT: Independencia
Director: Raya Martin
Screenplay: Ramon Sarmiento, Raya Martin
Country: Philippines, France, Germany, Netherlands 2009
Production: Cinematographica, Atopic, Razor Film, Volya Films
Cast: Sid Lucero, Tetchie Agbayani, Alessandra de Rossi
Length: 77 min.
Language: Tagalog OV / English subtitles
Distribution Germany: /
Festivals: Cannes, Toronto, Vladivostok, New York, Vancouver, Busan, Sao Paolo, Viennale, Hong Kong etc.
Awards: Rotterdam, Bangkok 2 Awards, Valdivia 2 Awards