A tender and sweeping story about what roots us, “Minari” follows a Korean-American family that moves to a tiny Arkansas farm in search of their own American Dream. The family home changes completely with the arrival of their sly, foul-mouthed, but incredibly loving grandmother. Amidst the instability and challenges of this new life in the rugged Ozarks, “Minari” shows the undeniable resilience of family and what really makes a home. (Sundance)

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+++ Berlin premiere +++

OT: Minari
Director: Lee Isaac Chung
Screenplay: Lee Isaac Chung
Country: USA
Production: A 24, Plan B Entertainment
Cast: Steven Yeun, Han Ye-ri, Alan Kim, Noel Kate Cho, Youn Yuh-jung, Will Patton
Length: 115 min.
Language: English-korean OV / English subtitles
German Distribution: Prokino
Festivals: Sundance, Deauville, Hamptons, Montclair, Busan, Philadelphia, Valladolid, SCAD Savannah etc.
Awards: Sundance Grand Jury prize & audience award, Heartland & Middleburg audience award, New York Film Critics, Golden Globe, BAFTA, nominated for 6 Oscars