“In the late 1920s, Walter Benjamin played a game with a 11-year-old girl. He would give her a few words, not less than five, not more than ten. She was then supposed to forge sentences out of these lexical groups, to give order to the arbitrary, to generate sense. The phrases she came up with were less about creating one meaning, and more about producing a state of flux. They were a work of moving and arranging, sliding and linking, creating a space where nothing was left out. (…) With Fantasy Sentences, I also played a game, one where you imagine a habitat where humans are only present via all the many things they left behind. What if a city consists of nothing, but coexisting traces? Family archives of black and white photos, Super 8 and Hi8 footage as repositories of memory. Housing blocks and supermarkets, bars and cinema theatres as repositories of memory. What about trees and bushes, birds and wolves, dust and concrete? How do they remember? What would they make of images of friends spending their time by the river? How would they read them? Who would do the translating? What would echo? And what would echo back? That was where our fantasy took us.” (Dane Komljen)

The short film was shown before “Good Luck” (Matinee)

Around The World in 14 Films 2017, in attendance of director Dane Komljen


+++ German Premiere +++

Country: Germany, Denmark 2017
Production Flaneur Films
Format: DCP / colour and bw
Length: 17 min.
Language: Ukrainian OV / English subtitles
Distribution Germany: Arsenal
Festivals: Locarno, Pancevo, Toronto, Batumi, New York, Mar del Plata etc.
Awards: Locarno Mantarraya Award