“The romance of sand and the realism of dollars sit elegantly side by side in this thoughtful, subtle third feature by directing tandem Israel Cárdenas and Laura Amelia Guzmán. Playing out against a dreamy Caribbean backdrop, “Sand Dollars” is indeed about dreams, unpicking those of a gracefully aging lady and her young lover with a trembling delicacy and attentiveness. Its decision to prioritize truthfulness of observation over the merely dramatic means that it will be too languid for many, but Sand still deserves to wash ashore at the festival where Cardenas’ and Guzman’s previous films have made their home.(…) Veteran singer Ramon Cordero tops and tails with a couple of lively pieces, including the appropriately and marvelously entitled bachata ‘You Will Be the Cause of My Death’. (…)” (Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter)

Saturday, 28.11.2015 – 7.00 pm, Screen 6 (presented by Meret Becker) – in the presence of leading actress Geraldine Chaplin

With support of the Mexican Embassy


Theatrical release Germany: 10th December 2015



+++ Berlin Premiere +++



OT: Dólares de arena, 2014
Country: Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentinia
Production: Aurora Dominicana, Canana Films, Rei Cine S.R.L.
Cast: Geraldine Chaplin, Yanet Mojica, Ricardo Ariel Toribio
Format: DCP / Coulour
Length: 84 min.
Language: Spanish OV / English subtitles
World Sales: FiGa Films,
Distribution Germany: Salzgeber & Co.Medien GmbH,
Festivals: Toronto, Chicago, Rome, Vienna, Palm Springs, Miami, San Francisco, Munich, Jerusalem, Taiwan Queer etc.
Awards: Cairo FIPRESCI, Chicago, Cine Ceará, Fribourg, Havana, Nashville etc.

“Sand Dollars” is the Dominican Republics candidate for the Oscars® 2016 (“Best Foreign Language Film”).