Sudan, province of Aljazira, nowadays – When Muzamil was born, a prophecy by the holy man of the village predicts that he will die when he is 20 years old. Muzamil’s father cannot stand the doom and travels away from home. Sakina, as a single mother, is over protective as she raises her son. One day, Muzamil turns 19… “Boasting a terrific visual sensitivity, this rare film from Sudan has a fable-like quality in its depiction of an isolated village where superstition constrains its people.” (Jay Weissberg, Variety)

Around The World in 14 Films 2019, presented by Vincenzo Bugno – in the presence of the director Amjad Abu Alala and the actor Mustafa Shehata

In cooperation with the World Cinema Fund (WCF) of the Berlinale


+++ Berlin Premiere +++

Director: Amjad Abu Alala
Screenplay: Amjad Abu Alala, Yousef Ibrahim
Country: Sudan, France, Egypt, Germany, Norway, Qatar 2019
Production: Andolfi, Transit Films, Duofilm, Die Gesellschaft DGS, Station Films, Film Clinic
Cast: Mustafa Shehata, Islam Mubarak, Mahmoud Elsaraj, Bunna Khalid, Talal Afifi, Amal Mustafa
Length: 102 min.
Language: Arab OV / English subtitles
Distribution Germany: /
Festivals: Venice, Toronto, El Gouna, Hamburg, Busan etc.
Awards: Venice Best Debut, El Gouna Best Arabic Film, Hamburg Producers Award for European Cinema Co-Productions