One Second


A prisoner is sent to a labor camp during China's Cultural Revolution. Using his wit, solely to watch a newsreel containing a glimpse of his daughter, he escapes and heads for the cinema in a local town where he hopes to find the film. But on the way he comes across a young vagabond who [...]

Long Day’s Journey into Night (3 D)


“This 3D movie with a 55-minute-long take is the revelation of this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The Chinese director’s sophomore effort is a fascinating application of filmmaking innovation toward expressionistic ends. It follows up on the promise of his 40-minute long take in Kaili Blues with an even longer one, in 3D, set within the [...]

Mountains may depart


“The effect of contemporary China's accelerated economic development and social evolution on identity, tradition and human connection has always been the great defining theme of Jia Zhang-ke's films. But his exploration of change, loss and regret has never felt more personal than in this film, a story that begins with a romantic triangle in 1999 [...]