Cannes etc.



Night in Tehran. A daydreaming cab driver falls in love with a woman he can’t have, leading to a series of encounters, filled with mystery and fantasy. Around the World in 14 Films 2022 Credits +++ German Premiere +++ OT: Tasavor Director: Ali Behrad Screenplay: Ali Behrad Country: Iran 2022 Production: Ghabe Asemanjavad Noruzbegin [...]



On the French Polynesian island of Tahiti, the High Commissioner of the Republic and French government official DE ROLLER is a calculating man with flawless manners. His somewhat broad perception of his role brings him to navigate the high end ’establishment’ as well as shady venues where he mingles with the locals. Especially since a [...]

Petrov’s Flu


A flu-ridden family of nobodies in post-Soviet Russia lives out their ordinary days with extraordinary secrets- the husband is a plumber that transforms humdrum moments into wonderfully weird Japanese comic strips whenever things excite him and the wife is a librarian who has a thing for killing abusive men with a kitchen knife. Around the [...]

The Worst Person in the World


“For a long time I have wanted to make a film about love. One that goes a bit deeper than normal onscreen love stories, where everything is so simple.... A film that will look seriously at the difficulties of meeting someone … at how irresolute and uncertain even the most rational and otherwise self-confident people [...]