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One Second


A prisoner is sent to a labor camp during China's Cultural Revolution. Using his wit, solely to watch a newsreel containing a glimpse of his daughter, he escapes and heads for the cinema in a local town where he hopes to find the film. But on the way he comes across a young vagabond who [...]



Violence against women is an issue that has long been neglected in Korean society, due in part to a traditional way of life that supposes that women would always be at home or otherwise under the protection of men they could trust. Kim Mi-jo's “Gull” is not a film about rape itself. Instead, its focus [...]



In the early 18th century an African slave boy is chosen by a European Comtesse to be baptized and educated. Reaching adulthood, Angelo achieves prominence and soon becomes the Viennese court mascot, until he decides to secretly marry a white woman. “The life story of African slave integrated into 18th-century Viennese aristocracy, Markus Schleinzer's second [...]