Sochi etc.

About Love


“(...) The film is permeated with explorations of the ever-popular theme of love, and features a plethora of Russian movie stars, including Renata Litvinova, Vladimir Mashkov, Mikhail Efremov, and Evgenii Tsyganov. “About Love” preserves Melikian’s playful visual and narrative style, defies rigid genre prescriptions, and ultimately takes up the same questions as her earlier feature [...]

The Land of Oz


“A magical New Year story about a girl, Lenka Shabadinova, full of incredible events, unexpected meetings, spontaneous confrontations and fairy-tale solutions to emotional conflicts. It is an ironic and a philosophically conceptual eccentric comedy about ‘a girl in a city’. It recounts the adventures of a modest salesgirl trading in trifles in a mysterious country [...]