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A young woman and best employee at a call center, is forced to reevaluate her solitary life when her irritating neighbor, who used to attempt to strike up conversations, is found dead. At about the same time her father starts hounding her over her mother’s inheritance and suddenly there are new people in her life, [...]

High Life


“Deep space. Monte and his daughter Willow live together aboard a spacecraft, in complete isolation. A man whose strict self-discipline is a shield against desire, Monte fathered her against his will. His sperm was used to inseminate the young woman who gave birth to her. They were members of a crew of prisoners – death [...]



“In the mid-1970s a stranger arrives in a quiet provincial town. At a restaurant, for no apparent reason he starts to assault Claudio, a well-known lawyer. The community supports the lawyer and the stranger is humiliated and gets thrown out. Later, on the way home, Claudio and his wife Susana are intercepted by the stranger, [...]

Clair Obscur


“The contrasting lives of two women provide a stark insight into the turmoil of modern Turkey in Clair Obscur (Tereddut). Whether ostensibly liberated or emphatically oppressed, the women both inhabit a society where men dominate and women suffer. Differing perspectives on those big issues gradually bind together into a heartrending, politically charged human drama that [...]



“Great talent demands great sacrifice in Licht - Mademoiselle Paradis, an exquisitely crafted period drama telling the true story of blind musician Maria Theresia von Paradis and pioneering physician Dr Franz Mesmer. The personal tale also reflects on the plight of women amidst the glaring inequalities of eighteenth century European high society. (…) Blind since [...]