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Still Recording


“Saeed is a young cinephile trying to teach film rules to other young people in Eastern Ghouta, Syria, but the reality they face is too harsh to respect any rules. Saeed’s friend, Milad, is on the other side of the fence; in Damascus, a city under the control of the Assad regime, finishing his studies [...]

The Untamed


“Mexican filmmaker Amat Escalante’s work has included the challengingly violent crime drama Heli (2013). Now he has created a bizarre realist-fantasy parable in which queasy eroticism and body horror are absorbed into life’s many pains and injustices. It is set in Guanajuato in central Mexico, which Escalante’s movie endows with a forbidding remoteness. (…) This [...]



“Home focuses on a group of surly teenagers who appear indifferent to school, resentful of their elders and constantly in search of a fresh sensation to alleviate the boredom of their existences. It quickly develops into something more complex and compelling as it explores the vast difference in values and attitudes between teenagers who disregard [...]



“There may be no greater ambassador for Chile’s complex historical identity than Pablo Larraín, the writer-director whose diverse filmography explores his country’s struggles from a variety of inventive directions. While “Tony Manero” and “Post Mortem” offered bleak, subversive allegorical statements on life under dictatorship, the Oscar-nominated “No” explored the climax of the Pinochet dictatorship in [...]

Neon Bull


“In some ways, “Neon Bull,” the astonishing second feature by the Brazilian documentarian director Gabriel Mascaro, is a movie about animal smells. An intoxicating reflection on the interconnection of taste, scent, instinct and desire, the film, gorgeously photographed by Diego Garcia (“Cemetery of Splendour” by A. Weersasethakul) immerses you in the intensely pungent world of [...]



“Ulrich Seidl continues to amaze and unnerve in this brilliantly composed, deeply upsetting portrait of tourist hunters in Africa. The best films of deadpan Austrian provocateur Ulrich Seidl pull off a tricky paradox: They’re almost entirely passionless in their perspective, yet are engineered to elicit raging, sometimes conflicting, torrents of feeling. Save perhaps for the [...]



“Paranoia grips the characters and saturates the screen in Emin Alper’s “Frenzy”, a deliberately oppressive parable of a society brought to heel by its fear of terrorism. One of the more topical films of the year, this intense mind-playing psycho-social drama, from the director of “Beyond the Hill,” plunges the viewer into a disturbing state [...]

Rabin, the Last Day


“How much blood must be shed upon a piece of sacred land before it can no longer be deemed “sacred”? Few people have explored this self-perpetuating cycle of violence from as humanistic a perspective as Amos Gitai, an Israeli filmmaker of profound importance. (…) Frequently horrifying and never less than absorbing, “Rabin, the Last Day” [...]