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Rungano Nyoni

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“A fable-like story about a young African girl banished from her village for alleged witchcraft, it blends deadpan humor with light surrealism, vivid visuals and left-field musical choices. (…) With smart marketing, Nyoni’s bold fusion of folklore, social comment, magical realism and her own family heritage could even translate into breakout word-of-mouth success akin to the tonally similar Beasts of the Southern Wild. Superstition around witchcraft is still rife in parts of Africa, especially in more rural regions, where eccentric behavior can lead to public vilification, exile and threats of violence. Often there are more cynical motives behind these denunciations, which offer families a convenient way to rid themselves of elderly relatives who have become a financial burden. The vast majority are women, and some end up in dedicated “witch camps”. (…) Leading a cast of non-professional actors, 9-year-old screen novice Maggie Mulubwa radiates a quietly haunted intensity as Shula, an orphan village girl who is denounced as a witch after a minor misunderstanding by an overanxious neighbor. (…) I Am Not a Witch feels like the birth of a significant new screen voice.” (Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter)

Friday, 24.11.2017, 7.45 pm, theater 8 (presented by Isabell Šuba)
Saturday, 25.11.2017, 10.00 pm, theater 8

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Country: France, Great Britain, Germany 2017
Production: Clandestine Films, Soda Pictures, unafilm
Cast: Margaret Mulubwa, Henry B.J. Phiri, Nancy Mulilo
Format: DCP / colour
Length: 96 min.
Language: Bemba, English, Nyanja, Tonga OV / English subtitles
World Sales: Kinology
German rights: unafilm, kreyenberg@unafilm.de
Festivals: Cannes, Sydney, Munich, Jerusalem, New Horizons, Melbourne, Toronto, Helsinki, London etc.
Awards: British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) 13 Nominations