La Chimera

directed by Alice Rohrwacher

Everyone has their own Chimera, something they try to achieve but never manage to find. For the band of tombaroli, thieves of ancient grave goods and archaeological wonders, the Chimera means redemption from work and the dream of easy wealth … read more

Thu 14.12. 6.45 pm City Kinos, Atelier 1

Green Border

Special German Premiere  /  directed by Agnieszka Holland

In the treacherous and swampy forests that make up the so called “green border” between Belarus and Poland, refugees from the Middle East and Africa trying to reach the European Union are trapped in a geopolitical crisis cynically engineered by Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko … read more

Sat 16.12. 7.00 pm City Kinos, Atelier 1

It’s Only Life After All

USA  /  directed by Alexandria Bombach

With forty years of making music as the iconic folk-rock band Indigo Girls, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have made their mark as musicians, songwriters, and dedicated activists … read more

Sat 16.12. 9.40 pm City Kinos, Atelier 2


Kongo  /  Berlinale World Cinema Fund  /  directed by Baloji

Following Koffi’s return to his birthplace after he has been ostracized by his family, ‘Omen’ explores the weight of beliefs on one’s destiny through four characters accused of being witches and sorcerers, all of them intertwined and guiding each other into the phantasmagoria of Africa … read more

Wed 13.12. 9.30 pm City Kinos, Atelier 2

Olfa’s daughters

Tunesia  /  Berlinale World Cinema Fund  /  directed by Kaouther Ben Hania

Between light and darkness stands Olfa, a Tunisian woman and the mother of four daughters. One day, her two older daughters disappear… read more

Sat 16.12. 10.15 pm City Kinos, Atelier 1

Àma Gloria

France  /  directed by Marie Amachoukeli

Six-year-old Cléo loves her nanny Gloria more than anything. When Gloria must return to Cape Verde to care for her own children, the two must make the most of their last summer together … read more

Tue 12.12. 7.30 pm City Kinos, Atelier 2

Life is not a competition, but I’m winning

Germany  /  directed by Julia Fuhr Mann

If history is written by the victors, where does that leave those who were never allowed to be part of the game? A collective of queer athletes sets out to honour those who were excluded from the winners’ podium … read more

Fri 15.12. 7.00 pm City Kinos, Atelier 1


Lithuania  /  directed by Marija Kavtaradze

Contemporary dancer Elena meets Dovydas when he is assigned to interpret via sign language in a class she is teaching to deaf youth … read more

Fri 15.12. 7.30 pm City Kinos, Atelier 2

Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry

Georgia  /  directed by Elene Naveriani

Etero runs a modest convenience store in a Georgian backwater. Still a virgin at 48, she is constantly the subject of gossip and mockery about her situation … read more

Wed 13.12. 7.00 pm City Kinos, Atelier 2

Inshallah A Boy

Jordan  /  directed by Amjad Al Rasheed

Jordan, nowadays. After the sudden death of her husband, Nawal, 30s, has to fight for her part of inheritance in order to save her daughter and home in a society where having a son would be a game changer … read more

Wed 13.12. 10.00 pm City Kinos, Atelier 1

Critical Zone

Iran  /  directed by Ali Ahmadzadeh

Amir leads a lonely life. With his dog for sole company, he drives through the underworld of Tehran, dealing drugs of all kinds and healing troubles souls like a modern prophet… read more

Tue 12.12. 9.30 pm City Kinos, Atelier 1

Tiger Stripes

Malaysia  /  Berlinale World Cinema Fund  /  directed by Amanda Nell Eu

The first amongst her friends to hit puberty, Zaffan, 12, discovers a terrifying secret about her body … read more

Thu 14.12. 10.15 pm City Kinos, Atelier 2

Inside The Yellow Cocoon Shell

Vietnam  /  directed by Pham Thien An

Thien must take responsibility when a family tragedy pushes him to search for his long-lost brother in the mystical landscape of Vietnam … read more

Sat 16.12. 6.15 pm City Kinos, Atelier 2

City of Wind

Mongolei  /  Berlinale World Cinema Fund  /  directed by Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir

A spiritual shaman is a crucial member of the community, the one who everyone depends on when in need of moral and spiritual guidance … read more

Tue 12.12. 9.40 pm City Kinos, Atelier 2

The Royal Hotel

Australia  /  directed by Kitty Green

Americans Hanna and Liv are best friends backpacking in Australia. After they run out of money, Liv, looking for an adventure, convinces Hanna to take a temporary live-in job behind the bar of a pub called ’The Royal Hotel’ in a remote Outback mining town … read more

Thu 14.12. 9.45 pm City Kinos, Atelier 1

The Boy and the Heron

Japanese Night  /  directed by Hayao Miyazaki

Already acclaimed as a masterpiece in Japan, Hayao Miyazaki’s new film begins as a simple story of loss and love and rises to a staggering work of imagination … read more

Mon 11.12. 8.45 Uhr City Kinos, Atelier 1

Evil Does Not Exist

Japanese Night  /  directed by Ryūsuke Hamaguchi

Takumi and his daughter Hana live in Mizubiki Village, close to Tokyo. Like generations before them, they live a modest life according to the cycles and order of nature … read more

Tue 12.12. 6.45 pm City Kinos, Atelier 1

Only the River Flows

Late Night Special China  /  directed by Wei Shujun

When three murders are committed in the small town of Banpo in China, Ma Zhe, the chief of police, is tasked with solving the crimes … read more

Fri 15.12. 10.00 pm City Kinos, Atelier 2


Hommage Lisandro Alonso  /  Berlinale World Cinema Fund  /  directed by Lisandro Alonso 

Alaina is tired of being a police officer in the Pine Ridge Reservation, and decides to stop answering her radio … read more

Thu 14.12. 7.15 pm City Kinos, Atelier 2

About Dry Grasses

Hommage Nuri Bilge Ceylan  /  directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Samet (Deniz Celiloglu) is a young teacher in Eastern Anatolia. While waiting several years for a transfer to Istanbul, a series of events make him lose all hope … read more

Wed 13.12. 6.00 pm City Kinos, Atelier 1

All of Us Strangers

directed by Andrew Haigh

One night in his near-empty tower block in contemporary London, Adam (Andrew Scott) has a chance encounter with a mysterious neighbor Harry (Paul Mescal), which punctures the rhythm of his everyday life … read more

Fri 15.12. 9.30 pm City Kinos, Atelier 1