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AROUND THE WORLD IN 14 FILMS is an independent international film festival that every year brings 14 extraordinary films from 14 regions around the world, to show and share with Berlin’s discerning cinema public.

From South America to Africa, through different parts of Europe to the Near East, through the Middle East and Central Asia to parts of the Far East, and on to North and Central America: 14 films representing 14 different, personal, artistic visions of 14 areas of the world.

Each of the 14 films will be presented by another leading German director, actor, artist or journalist, who will introduce both the film and the directress/director (if she/he is in attendance), and then moderate a discussion with the audience and the directress/director immediately after the film.

Already shown and praised at various international film festivals such as Cannes, San Sebastian, Toronto, Sundance, Locarno and Venice, some of them yet still without German distribution, these films have been all but unavailable to audiences in Berlin.

AROUND THE WORLD IN 14 FILMS will give Berliners the unique chance to discover, to discuss, to enjoy, to celebrate these new jewels of world cinema.

For Independent cinema in a unique festival selection, from around the world, join us from November 23rd to December 2nd 2017 at the Kino in der KulturBrauerei.