Winter Song

Otar Iosseliani

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“Satire and surrealism meet in Otar Iosseliani’s delightful “Winter Song”. (…) Moments after raping and pillaging an entire war-torn town, soldiers from some unnamed battalion gather in silence around a piano, surrounded by empty wreckage, as one of the men plays a solemn tune. Then they’re baptized. In another time and place, protestors are carted away by police forces, but as the van incarcerating them drives off, the camera lingers on a group of tai chi practitioners standing nearby. In the city, a homeless man gets flattened to pancake proportions by a bulldozer, only to be salved by other pedestrians who slip him under a doorstep. These are just a few of the sublimely ridiculous moment in Georgian-French director Otar Iosseliani’s “Winter Song”, an alternately tragic and funny odyssey from a master of striking that balance. But while in tune with his many other films, “Winter Song“ remains fully enjoyable on its own terms.” (Eric Kohn, IndieWire)

Wednesday, 30.11.2016 -– 7.30 pm, Screen 6 (presented by Sven Taddicken) – in the presence of director Otar Iosseliani




+++ Berlin Premiere +++



OT: Chant d’hiver
Country: France, Georgia 2015
Production: Pastorale Productions, Studio 99
Cast: Rufus, Amiran Amiranashvili, Pierre Étaix, Mathias Jung, Mathieu Amalric, Katja Rupé
Format: DCP / Colour
Length: 117 min.
Language: French OV / English subtitles
World Sales: Les Films du Losange,
Distribution Germany: /
Festivals: Locarno, Busan, Warsaw, Belgrad, San Francisco, Munich, Jerusalem, Taipeh, New Zealand etc.
Awards: Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival etc.