This epic work from Argentina is an elaborate trip through the genres – from romcom via fantasy to thriller. A woman disappears, two men set out to find her. Both are in love with her. Why did she go? Both have an idea, and neither is right. The sudden disappearance is the starting point for a series of interwoven stories. About another woman’s secret, who also vanished years ago. About a village afflicted by a supernatural event. And about a stretch of land which keeps growing and consuming everything in its path – like the shadows that invade the world after twilight.

Around the World in 14 Films 2022

In cooperation with the World Cinema Fund (WCF) of the Berlinale


+++ Berlin Premiere +++

OT: Trenque Lauquen
Director: Laura Citarella
Screenplay: Laura Citarella, Laura Paredes
Country: Argentina, Germany 2022
Production: El Pampero Cine Laura Citarella, Grand Film, WCF
Cast: Laura Paredes, Ezequiel Pierri, Rafael Spregelburd, Elisa Carricajo, Juliana Muras, Verónica Llinás, Cecilia Rainero
Length: 240 min. (Part 1 and Part 2)
Language: Spanish OV / German subtitles
Distribution Germany: Grandfilm
Festivals: Venice, San Sebastián, New York, Gent, Hamburg, Viennale, AFI etc.