Violence against women is an issue that has long been neglected in Korean society, due in part to a traditional way of life that supposes that women would always be at home or otherwise under the protection of men they could trust. Kim Mi-jo’s “Gull” is not a film about rape itself. Instead, its focus is on the aftermath. An award winner at the 2020 Jeonju Film Festival and part of the London Korean Film Festival line-up, is also significant as the début of one of the country’s few female directors, and emphasizes how much their voices are needed. (Eye For Film)

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OT: Gal-Mae-Gi
Director: Kim Mi-jo
Screenplay: Kim Mi-jo
Country: Korea
Production: Dankook Graduate School of Cinematic Content, Tiger Cinema
Cast: Jeong Ae-hwa
Length: 75 min.
Language: Korean OV / English subtitles
German Distribution: /
Festivals: San Sebastián, Jeonju, Hamburg etc.
Awards: San Sebastián, Jeonju